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Quandries of Life!!

In Poems on June 15, 2011 at 4:29 am

Poo and pee, i never thought of thee
Till a child born of spirit free
When you come, when you don’t
Never know the flow uncontrolled!
Strong and smelly your essence can be
Sticky and colorful your presence is seen
Time of day always unknown
Seconds of outburst you bring unbridled!
Inspired by nature, bards quote love
Emotions inspire verses untold
Poo and pee you inspire me
To remain a humble servant of thee


New Life

In Poems on August 17, 2010 at 7:39 pm

Unborn unknown, from where you come
Tiny and still, but heart fluttering strong
Strong you are as time has passed
Realized you are, soul that’s pure
Honored ti’s to have you in
Honored tis to protect your skin
Honored tis to deliver you to the world
Mother’s child you are, to nurture all
Sahaji you are soul untarnished
Spirit free and strong, your will prevails
Chosen these bodies for growth of a kind
Spirits from past become now entwined
Learn we will from these days to come
Life has changed for good and more fun
Unleased is the spirit; finally to see
Dear new life thanks for making us free…

Fine Footsoaking!

In Poems on July 6, 2010 at 3:27 pm

The clock struck four, ready to go!
Footsoak time, water for the soul!
Filled the tubs with water and salt
Jars filled to wash of the dirt!
Sixteen tubs ready awaiting
For little feet, realized and blessed!
Half past four struck the clock,
Hit by little feet the count of sixteen!
Ready and sure the children were
Said their prayers and feet they plunged!
Laid on ground easy and sure
Wanted to have more fun to clear!
Suddenly the blue skies turned so dark
Roared the winds , the verdict was stark!
Rain poured in, soft jewels of pearls!
Wind gentled down to soothe the worries!
Drenched the bodies became so pure,
As water fell into the small hands dear!
Giggled, laughed, squealed they did!
Loud and clear their laughter rang through the woods
Mother delighted poured more on their hoods!
In delight they wriggled away from their coats
Let the water flow more into their hearts!
Drenched they were to their souls’ content
Prayed hard for innocence to be strengthened
Blue skies shone with the rays so bright
Fragrance of earth spread into the air
Purity and innocence filled the pores
Fulfilled and content were the realized souls..

Love Express

In Poems on May 20, 2010 at 8:13 am

Knock down the world, punch ’em up
Tickle their bones till they laugh
Only love and dreams that flow through you
Love express is the train that comes true!
Mother’s love you started right
Father’s love set the standards tight
Siblings, uncles and aunts too came
Pouring love through every vein
Teachers, friends made it bright
Love scoured every grime away
Easy to give, hard to buy
Remains the same, day and night
Lose you might out of sight
But stuck in heart it is forever tight
Love express is the train of life
Every ride you get is free without strife
Jump in now, before its late
Love Express will not stand to wait!


In Poems on May 4, 2010 at 8:54 am

I am a naughty child, I am
Proud to be what I am
Cute I look and delight I speak
But naughty I can be to test your peace
Funny I can be yet angry you get
‘Cause what I see, you fail to be
Touched I am with divinity within
Yet you see only the skin covering
Search you do for the depths outside
Talk to me sweet to hear the truths inside
Naughty I am, but not mean in nature
Naughty I am, too keen to learn
Naughty I am, speak truth not always sweet
Naughty I am, waiting for you to catch up


In Poems on April 25, 2010 at 11:51 am

The night I slept so deep and neat
Felt like thousands of bones sink in deep
But was woken by a child screaming aloud
“A spider I swallowed, help me out”!
Startled and shook I woke up quick
Rushed to her help to find a wreck!
Worried I held her hand gentle
But found it difficult to get her rattle!
Screamed and shouted she continued to wild
“The spider is in me”, she kept ranting!
Unsure and deafened I continued soothing
“Auntie, help me!” came the whimper
Crawled in her bed I did slow
Held her mouth agape in glare of light
Found nothing inside or around the bed
Still searched around for victims dead
“But auntie, I swallowed it” came the whisper
Said I “I am sure, you did not dear”!
Put my hand under her pillow
To find the culprit lying still and sure!
A doll it was full of fur and pink
Brushed past her lips, in her sleep so sweet
Tickled it did, while she snored so loud
Thought she did that was a spider swallowed!
Tucked her in after sounds of reassurance
Snored she did after moments of turbulence!
The morning next, she woke with delight
Exclaiming,”I dreamt I swallowed a spider at night”!!


In Poems on April 10, 2010 at 12:07 pm

Silence sweet spreading through pores
Filtering deep beneath all the layers
Wandering into oceans so deep and dark
Yet sure of the path, unknown to mark
Move inside farther away from one
Become loud , sound of the strength
Dark it may seem but the colors lie hidden
Carry on the course for they are ready for someone
Afraid of cool how long will you last
Close your mind, open up the soul
Death, a fearful event for all
But realize never we of the dawn from dark
Fear we cling to glad; excuses heard and repeated
War we are with within the self, seeking outside , seeking pleasures
Fight we do for nothing but silence, but act we never to reach the tip
Reach out to the unknown, for its will wrong the right
Pull up the shades fight not the cool in the heart
Ready you have been for time eternal
Silence is the one that will make your soul
Silence is the one that will make you whole…


In Poems on March 13, 2010 at 10:48 pm

Soft and tender the world goes white
Pray from within, for the answer is there
Close your eyes, calm your mind
Find the vibrations flowing inside
Empty your head, let the thoughts go away
Clean your heart, the Lord has to stay
Fleeting doubts and emotions disarrayed
Unsure you maybe, yet its right not to sway
Powers of love, more than words
Actions so gentle can tremble the world
Watch with your eyes shut and quiet
Let the Universe take you over from the dark
Shine so bright then you will for sure
Showers of love will flow to endure
Cleansed within you, truth will sustain
Peace settles in, for eons to stay


In Poems on February 27, 2010 at 6:48 am

Fitful the night’s sleep has been
Amid Dreams so wild and never seen
Colorful trichrome the world is full
Upside down sometimes it seems
Fight through the confusion and haze
Staring blank at morning in daze
Up you are at the sound of triing
The alarm wakes you up from your sleep
Blink you do at the buzz of it
Sit up stare in space is next
Rub your eyes and stare again
Try to gaze up on some object!
Yawns and stretches follow at length
Scratch a bit of back and head
Is this morning you wonder
Hope and pray there is no blunder
Step into shoes soft and ready
Push you into the world of frenzy
Reach out to a cuppa light
Ready to face the morning delight!!


In Poems on February 21, 2010 at 7:01 pm

An upward tilt of lips
Sparkle lighting the eyes
Slow relaxing of the face
And you have a smile!
A Small wonder but full of humor
Simple pleasures make you turn over
Carefree, cheerful, happy you feel
A smile covers all the miles
Warm and fuzzy it makes you feel
Better than wine for winter’s heat
Moments of quiet inside it is
As a smile pulls the lips to please
Scary the feature of a smile
Is its contagious, lights everyone’s eyes!
Brave are those who take it serious
To make people smile as their business
Love and laughter not easy to spread
With tougher times forgotten fast
A task we need to do and add
A tilt of lips up may help us last!