Preeti Sharma


In Poems on April 25, 2010 at 11:51 am

The night I slept so deep and neat
Felt like thousands of bones sink in deep
But was woken by a child screaming aloud
“A spider I swallowed, help me out”!
Startled and shook I woke up quick
Rushed to her help to find a wreck!
Worried I held her hand gentle
But found it difficult to get her rattle!
Screamed and shouted she continued to wild
“The spider is in me”, she kept ranting!
Unsure and deafened I continued soothing
“Auntie, help me!” came the whimper
Crawled in her bed I did slow
Held her mouth agape in glare of light
Found nothing inside or around the bed
Still searched around for victims dead
“But auntie, I swallowed it” came the whisper
Said I “I am sure, you did not dear”!
Put my hand under her pillow
To find the culprit lying still and sure!
A doll it was full of fur and pink
Brushed past her lips, in her sleep so sweet
Tickled it did, while she snored so loud
Thought she did that was a spider swallowed!
Tucked her in after sounds of reassurance
Snored she did after moments of turbulence!
The morning next, she woke with delight
Exclaiming,”I dreamt I swallowed a spider at night”!!


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