Preeti Sharma

Selfless Love

In Poems on February 17, 2010 at 3:22 pm

We before I, Us before me
Ours before mine,
You matter more than me,
We matter more than I

This is selfless love, calm and strong,
Does not sway with the winds of may
Ours is more than mine to stay
Hold hands tight and travel ahead

Sometimes words are its armor
Actions many a time they say
Warmth in voice conveys the feeling
Steps and gestures deepen the meaning

Acts of love depicted in poems
Plays, skits and stories many
Convey selfless forms of true
Love as oceans deep blue

Life unlike a play or poem one may say
Realities form hues of red and green
Not pinks and whites to play
Comfort and love not always seen

Selfless love though stands through rain
Strengthens through stormy nights and days
Unweathered, unmoved, untainted pure and straight
Never falls to the green world’s gait

Hard to find such love so deep
Truly blessed if tis for keeps
Pray thy soul for such tender love
Strong and silent never to move


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