Preeti Sharma

Ode to a Burp!

In Poems on February 17, 2010 at 3:02 pm

To all my friends near and dear
Shy, warm, aggressive with a sneer
Loud, soft,gentle or rough
Here’s a story for all to laugh

Gentle and soft it lies within you
Through the day digests with food
Slowly and steadily works through the day
Out it comes from your mouth to your dismay!

Sometimes its soft, sometimes it shocks!
Excuse me, you say awkward with blushes!
Taught you have been to be mannerful and quiet
Humiliating it is for your might!

Vowels you can spell off it my dear
At times it smells, at times its crystal clear!
Sometimes its only after you eat
At times its collected at times of sleep!

Men do it well and loud without a doubt
Women are quiet, more the gentle sort
Gender is not an issue here
Its the intensity and strength,far and near

Content you are with its release
Smell no fear with the sound of its hiss
Delight wades into your stomach again
Light and sturdy become your gait!

Twist your nose not in distaste
For all of us do not hesitate
Raising from the bottom of your tummy
Hear the beautiful sound of your burp!!!


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