Preeti Sharma


In Poems on February 10, 2010 at 1:15 pm

Learnt from the bee
Who troubled the weeds
Wandering around in search
‘Cause lost its home to reconstruction
Three were they
Determined and focused
Never seen vigilance so strong
Sure of their target,clear their vision
Conquer the nest of humans’ now
Buzzzz they went, here and there
Around and around the homes
Made them squint, whoosh and eek
Got squeals of anger and delightful sounds
Short their life, lost one soldier
The trio turned to duo
Relieved were people “with one gone now”
“easier to shoo the others”!
Morning they woke, soundless times
Glad to hear whoosh of breeze
Suddenly they heard the buzz of bees
Not two, but now four merry!!!


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