Preeti Sharma


In Poems on February 7, 2010 at 10:04 pm

I want food, I start with that
Give me attention, I cry for that
I, I , I, want, need, mine, I
A single letter with so much power
To make you feel good, may violate the other
Why not you ask! I love me the most
I have had struggles to face,
I waded through flooded waters, through fires
I deserve this, this and that
Everything I own is mine and my work
So why not I matter the most?!
And more I want, the more I seek,
The more I search to feed my bones
Meat, flesh, designs and plush
There is no stopping to the rush
More, more , more and more
So much more that words don’t go!
Until I sink into the pleasures of world
And drown in the joy of gold
Wonders God, when do I stop,
For satisfaction is not my goal
Fill me now, fill me forever,
With jewels of rubies, emeralds
Blue rays and flat tvs and condos and more
Am I satisfied, do I want more
Oh yes, yes please, fill me with joy
Abundance glory, my name should shine
make me holy!!

  1. Good insight. I like the part…”I”, “A single letter with so much power.”
    Nice poem.

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