Preeti Sharma


In Poems on February 5, 2010 at 5:31 pm

Life was not good for John
Things seemed to rock his world around
Played by rule he did right
But somehow things never went his way
Closed his eyes John did pray
To Lord to forgive all his mistakes
Prayed harder he did everyday
Hoping that his dream would be made
Testing times they say are always
Elders, experienced all alike wait
Patience is the key to this juggle
Nothing works more than to stay
“Face the turbulence with all your strength”
Said his Mom, wife and friends
“Don’t bend and give in so soon
Life is too short to give up its joy” !
Tis easy to dream and give up fast
Winner is the one who always lasts
Through the tide through the storms
Fighting quietly holding the sail
Like a normal soul John lost his way
Deterred a little swayed away
Nature though reminds gentle or hard
For John the reminder came in a voice so loud
Dreamt he did of the shining light
That guided the wise men to the Lord
Heard he did the voice of hope
Calm, resounding, firm and clear
“Don’t lose hope, don’t lose faith
Dream your dream, fight your way
Lead the path that is written for you
Watch the signs as I talk to you”
“Wise and strong you have the key
To make your dream come true
Calm the inner strength to toil your way
Use love as your balm to reach the goal”
Peace filled in John at dawn
Calm descended like a ray of morning light
Direction he found in the dream finally
Ready to plod for his dream strongly…..

  1. This has a nice flow.

  2. I am going to print this for my cubicle.

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