Preeti Sharma

Infinite love

In Poems on February 4, 2010 at 5:49 am

Shut your eyes and let a deep breath
Call of love you wonder when
Shut your ears don’t listen to a soul
For questions will pour; unanswered , unkown

Sigh deeply taking every step in inch
Move backward, wind blowing old habits in
Silence creeps the lonesome one
Comfort zone the past lends deep

Struggles, squeals, refuses the wind
Gentle it seeps, settles in the pore
lovely it feels as familiar sounds drift
Trigger they do of memories so sweet

Flowers they bloom welcoming the spring
Inside you feel no warmth to sing
Cold and numb shrunk inside you have
Time, as promised has moved ahead

Sought you did in hope for love
Found you did not in any friend or foe
Gave up your fight easily my friend
Did you forget to search within your soul?

  1. This was totally mesmerizing. You expressed such depth of emotion and the flow of the poem was smooth 🙂
    I totally enjoyed reading this one.

  2. Deep. Reminds me of being in a beautiful and calming state of meditation.

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