Preeti Sharma


In Poems on February 3, 2010 at 5:13 pm


Is it the wind blowing gentle
That makes neural network so rapid
Or is it the whiff of fragrance sweet
That increases the heartbeat
Something amiss in the air why?
Even if satisfaction deep achieved
Is this the search that I was born for
Or is there more to seek?
So much restlessness unlike before
If peace this is, then why do eyes seek more?
Churning in the stomach for what?
Close the senses to protect hard
Focus deep within to relax, to breath
Isnt that what one needs the most always
Away from the hassle, away from the bustle
Then why search for more?

  1. Indeed, why search for more?! People who search too much are like dry leaves that drift from place to place without the nourishment of the earth.
    Those who are stationed are able to experience depth just like newly sprouted seeds that grow tall as their roots go deep into the Mother Earth.
    Interesting observation.

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