Preeti Sharma

Store Service

In Muses on January 18, 2010 at 4:58 am

Incomplete service goes unnoticed in a huge store like Walmart. A recent experience at the cash counter reveals that all new trainees seem to lack the common sense to act to complete service.

When the customer noticed at the cash counter, that he had unknowingly picked up a leaking water can, two things were observed as the actions of the trainee- a) asking the customer if he was going to get another can, b) keeping the can very obviously in the open near the next cash counter. Nothing wrong in either of the actions, one may say; but what happened to basic courtesy of calling for assistance, and replacing the can? As silly as it sounds, maybe the case of courtesy can be strengthened further with another incident immediately. The same cashier trainee, when encountered with a coconut glanced at the chart twice to find its code; asked the next counter cashier what the possible code would be, followed it with a question to the customer about the possible price. Maybe some effort on asking for assistance from someone beyond the counter?

Again, though the whole incident could be labelled trite. But the funny thing was the last thing to happen. When swiping the goods, as the trainee came across some carrots and for a quick service (don’t get it wrong, quick service is good!) throws his head back and asks the same next counter cashier ” hey is the code for carrots___”. This observer’s attention swayed away, since it was her turn at the cash counter.

So, a very random incident and not that which creates a large impact. But, when common courtesies exist, like waving to a stranger who let’s you cross the road, sharing a smile with a stranger at the bus or keeping the door open for the person who follows you out; then is it asking for too much to have common courtesy of asking for assistance to provide complete service??

Worth a muse service providers….


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