Preeti Sharma

Sport Spirit!

In Poems on September 4, 2009 at 7:35 pm


Spirit so strong, spirit so firm,
Spirit ready to stand, spirit ready to fight
Darkness unknown, primed for the track,
Still unsure within, is not that right

Keep your focus steady and still,
Be ready for contingency’s a skill,
Attack the enemy with all positivity
Surprise them with all your majesty!

Hits and runs you both do fine,
have an edge that you have hidden
Smile sure, for steady are you,
Smart your moves, true to your bidding!

Ups and downs, you face in the game
Shaken, and lost you feel the pain
But spirit within is clear and sound
Makes you stand and win this short round

Life is like the sport you play,
They say, life is a game, you play to win
Spirit says play to find your goal
Focus and all will be sound and whole!


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