Preeti Sharma


In Muses on August 12, 2009 at 7:21 am

angerAnger, an emotion is studied more frequently now. Anger management techniques are most often used as a method to cope with anger. (Interesting work:

When we feel angry, there is a surge of physiological results associated with it. Increased blood pressure, dryness in mouth, are the most common and immediate reactions. Simple techniques of controlling anger would be drinking a glass of water, or breathing deeply. This reduces the physiological changes, and in turn copes with the emotion.

For the long run however, anger-like any other extreme emotion, is not good for health. Work, family, friends, could be the cause of one’s anger. But feeling angry towards them, or oneself does not solve the issue. What could be the best way of resolving the situation without blowing it out of proportion? A sense of detachment and witnessing the situation sounds like a good bet. How, one may wonder. Its a simple solution–in an anger provoking situation just watch, do not not react..Life becomes easier. It is simple, since that is how we have been as an infant! Only hunger and sleep bothered us! Life was so much easy without any tensions and anger! The only difference is get that innocent child like detachment–the ability to watch and witness without getting the “I” involved. Surely helps a lot!

How about giving it a try?!Sounds like fun!!


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