Preeti Sharma


In Poems on August 5, 2009 at 9:37 pm

Empty thoughts occupy the mind

Meaningless words fill the pages

Searching for hope searching for faith,

Wandering about never losing the pace

Restless the mind roams around aimless

Tired the heart, paces the faces

Moving, struggling, seeking out

Ignoring truth of the inside bout

Eyes closed do not give the freedom true

Ears open do not help a truce

Tired hands reach to help anywhere

Wary legs walk on an unknown track

Muses flow through rarely clear

When they do, they surprise everyone near!

Muses direct to open the eyes

Shut the ears and listen inside!

And lo behold finally the truth holds

The senses reach out to the path known

Figuring out ways to do things right

Peace flows in as the silence glows!


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