Preeti Sharma

Romancing the divine

In Muses, Poems on August 3, 2009 at 7:43 pm

Draping the colors of blue

Alluring you through the dance of red

Calming the nerves with the color green

She watches you sly, behind the veil of the skies

Let her roll through your skin as she blows

Let the sweet flute notes rip the drapes of night

Feel the music seep through in

Feel the song and the beat developing

Make the verse simple and sweet

As she watches you humming the notes

Lyrics she hopes you are strumming to woo

Lyrics she waits as her heart thuds for you

Melody starts flowing from deep knotted wounds

Hitting the skies with thunder in June

Awaiting with passion she raises her veil

Striking the chords with lightning and rain

Pours her love, she heals the soul

Holds you tight as she lets you moan

Loves you deep , hoping to get you soon

Soothes you clean, to let you woo

Smiles she now as she opens her heart

Closer to you than never before

Thought you that you romanced divine

Learnt you that she was always thine..

  1. Very descriptive 🙂

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