Preeti Sharma

Morning dew

In Poems on August 3, 2009 at 11:38 pm

Morning dew, spirit so bright,

Ready for the unknown delights

Pushing back the sleep so heavy

Cancelling the dreams of night early

Smiling, nodding, grinning, blinking

Pushing the curtains to let the sun in

Rays pouring into the room to light

Darkness gone, replaced by might

Yellow, orange, red and pink

Morning sunlight looks nearly like rainbow in

Colors play in the glass glistening

Dew drops seen like diamonds shining

Afresh, anew, starts the day

Life rolls full steam ahead

Ideas flowing in brilliance of lights

Pen in hand, laptop in sight

Pouring words hollow and meaningless

First startle the soul breathless

Slowly as the Sun seeps in more

Words of glory and love pour!

Praise of mother, Praise of nature

Praise of Lord, Praise of creator

Praise of his consort, so pristine and white

Praise of beauty and the life divine

Morning Dew brings life afresh

In mind, heart, soul and express

Words pure seep through the ink

Etch in heart these words they sink!


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