Preeti Sharma

Quandries of Life!!

In Poems on June 15, 2011 at 4:29 am

Poo and pee, i never thought of thee
Till a child born of spirit free
When you come, when you don’t
Never know the flow uncontrolled!
Strong and smelly your essence can be
Sticky and colorful your presence is seen
Time of day always unknown
Seconds of outburst you bring unbridled!
Inspired by nature, bards quote love
Emotions inspire verses untold
Poo and pee you inspire me
To remain a humble servant of thee


New Life

In Poems on August 17, 2010 at 7:39 pm

Unborn unknown, from where you come
Tiny and still, but heart fluttering strong
Strong you are as time has passed
Realized you are, soul that’s pure
Honored ti’s to have you in
Honored tis to protect your skin
Honored tis to deliver you to the world
Mother’s child you are, to nurture all
Sahaji you are soul untarnished
Spirit free and strong, your will prevails
Chosen these bodies for growth of a kind
Spirits from past become now entwined
Learn we will from these days to come
Life has changed for good and more fun
Unleased is the spirit; finally to see
Dear new life thanks for making us free…

Fine Footsoaking!

In Poems on July 6, 2010 at 3:27 pm

The clock struck four, ready to go!
Footsoak time, water for the soul!
Filled the tubs with water and salt
Jars filled to wash of the dirt!
Sixteen tubs ready awaiting
For little feet, realized and blessed!
Half past four struck the clock,
Hit by little feet the count of sixteen!
Ready and sure the children were
Said their prayers and feet they plunged!
Laid on ground easy and sure
Wanted to have more fun to clear!
Suddenly the blue skies turned so dark
Roared the winds , the verdict was stark!
Rain poured in, soft jewels of pearls!
Wind gentled down to soothe the worries!
Drenched the bodies became so pure,
As water fell into the small hands dear!
Giggled, laughed, squealed they did!
Loud and clear their laughter rang through the woods
Mother delighted poured more on their hoods!
In delight they wriggled away from their coats
Let the water flow more into their hearts!
Drenched they were to their souls’ content
Prayed hard for innocence to be strengthened
Blue skies shone with the rays so bright
Fragrance of earth spread into the air
Purity and innocence filled the pores
Fulfilled and content were the realized souls..